Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Scabs

Relative Clauses

G has taught me to do more for not only myself, but also for those around me. I started to show the other inmates how to use proper grammar this week. Because I was doing something so generous, the warden allowed me to watch my favorite sport programme: Monday Night Football.
My beloved Seattle Seahawks were able to pull out a narrow victory over the Green Bay Packers; although, it will always be seen as a tainted win. At the final moment of the game, the most bizarre of plays I have ever seen occurred in the corner of the endzone--a touchception. A touchception is when two scabs--replacement referees--call a touchdown and an interception simultaneously. In this case, the touchdown stood as called and gave the Seahawks the win. Oh what a beautiful day it was.

G said it was an interception; I said it was a touchdown. Golden Tate, the receiver, looked to have come down with the ball in his possession. While at the same time, it appeared as though M.D. Jennings, the cornerback, came down with the ball in his possession as well. Whomever you choose is not a problem. Every viewer has their own opinion, and that is why it was such a memorable ending.

G (my anal grammatical friend) related this event to writing a correctly punctuated sentence. He said that the scabs allowing the touchdown to stand is like a teacher telling his/her students they never need to use periods, and she will still give them an A on their papers. While I believe Tate caught the pass, I won’t argue that Jennings caught the ball as well. I guess my view is skewed because I bleed green and blue.

Wayne Elliot (the referee who called the touchdown) is in the middle of a love-hate relationship. While one side thanks him for the play that led to a resolution between the NFL and NFLRA, the other side--Green Bay Packer fans--want their win back. I personally love the man. He gave my team the win and kept the Seahawks off the short end of the stick for once.

When I was free of this prison, the Seahawks were notorious for being involved in games where one or two plays changed the outcome of their season. Whether it was Matt Hasselbeck jinxing them during the overtime coin toss, or the 2005 Super Bowl where a bad pass interference call and a five yard crawl by Ben Roethlisberger led to a game winning touchdown. The Seahawks never got any breaks in the most crucial of times, until now.

I will enjoy this week for a long time. Not only because the Seahawks won, but also because G didn’t drill me with homework all week! Since they are now gone, the Seahawks vs. Packers game will stand as the defining moment of the scabs short reign over the NFL. Scabs, you will be missed (in Seattle that is).


  1. Haha oh football. I have to agree with G. I'm a 49ers fan and dislike the Seahawks, but we all have our differences.

    You have loads of appositives in your blog, some you didn't even mark, along with aaawwubbis clauses.

    I am a bit unsure about your parallelism though. ( I would have copy and pasted it in here, but my kindle is being dumb) It sounds more like an aaawwubbis clause rather than parallelism. The parallelism as we have mentioned before with the Obama sentence has it listing several things. "With a Kenyan father, Hawaiian mother, etc. . . " which has all the listing components equal each other to create parallelism.

    I liked your color coding technique. I'll have to dothatnext time. But besides the parallelism issue, maybe take another look at your blot and find theother aaawwu bis clauses and apositives that you didn't mark. You're using them and you didn't even know it! Haha wellthat is our goal for this class! :)

  2. especially love that last line, Kellen. lol.