Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Day

The last few weeks have been quite the change of pace for me. My roommate G has really taken a liking to me, I am just not sure I can relate to someone WHOSE motives are so clear. The relationship is definitely growing between us; however, sometimes he seems to always be a step ahead of me, and that bothers me.

G has been really stressing apostrophe's and I have to admit I really have seen a change in my writing since we met. Just the other day he showed me an old book hidden in the back of our prison library that was written in the 1980’s. In this book a man discussed a study he did on the teaching of punctuation in schools.

I was curious to why G showed me this, but then I read into it and realized that he explains so much more than just the study being observed. Man, G knows how to keep me interacted with what he is trying to teach. It’s almost as though we finally have learned to understand each others characteristics.

The past few days alone have opened my mind so much to how punctuation has not only changed through my time in here and out in the “real world.” This Cordeiro person broke down a simple idea into a way that even an idiot like me could understand. The easiest one for someone locked away for so long was the comparison of punctuation to road signs. Even I can remember how easy it was to overlook the small details, that's what got me locked in here.

G is becoming someone I can relate to now. Since we have been rooming together he has taught me so much about punctuation, even just in these short three weeks I have known him. I think that people look at G the wrong way. Punctuation is known for ITS ability to fool the weak, but G has showed me that punctuation is easy to plot when you know all of the rules. I would like to think that G is a good person. That is my opinion, not YOURS.

My counselor had us do an exercise a few weeks ago where we dissected different punctuation on one sentence. It was not only funny, but also amazing to see how many different ways one sentence can be interpreted. We all knew WHOSE sentence was the best, and it surely mine; however, you could definitely tell the difference between mine and THEIRS. That is OK though, we can only grow from here; at least that’s what I keep telling myself.


  1. This is really creative, I love the way you're telling Stew's story and his prisoner bunk mate G. You did great with the possessive pronouns part of the pattern, but you missed the extra pattern. The one with, as a teacher, blah blah blah; as a cat, blah blah blah.

    Besides forgetting the last pattern, you did awesome. I can't wait to see their relationship grow.

  2. good catch, Rebecca.
    also, Kellen, you might take a look at your apostrophe use in this blog...
    to continue to heighten your sign awareness.
    Do try the parallel sentence pattern in next week's blog.
    p.s. LOVE reading your blog! Tell G hello for me.